Public Speaking Course

Designed for children in grades 4-10, QShala's public speaking course is a set of 9 workshops that will help your child learn and use presentation skills, overcome stage fright and speak in

front of an audience.

Write and orate a full speech
Live online workshop (Zoom)
Speak confidently in front of an audience
Grades 4-10 (or homeschooled)
Weave magic using words
Upto 10 participants

This course is broken down into 3 sets of 3 workshops each. You can purchase the introductory class with 5 sessions, a set of 3 workshops or the whole course of 9 workshops.

Set 1

  • Audience 101

  • Presentation Skills

  • Find your voice

Set 2

  • Think on your feet

  • Informal speeches

  • How to be a YouTube Vlogger

Set 3

  • How to be an Emcee

  • Host a talk show

  • Finale (speech presentation)


Introductory course to Public Speaking - 5 workshops

3 days of pre-recorded workshops and 2 days of live workshops, including a presentation on the final day.

Set 1 on Public Speaking - 3 workshops

3 workshops from Set 1 - 'Audience 101', 'Presentation skills' and 'Finding your voice'.

Full course on Public Speaking - 9 workshops

Full course on Public Speaking (3 sets)​, including Introductory workshop of 5 workshops.


QWhat happens if my kid misses a session?

A: You will also have access to a recording of the sessions in case your kid misses any.

QWhat if my kid is unable to attend the course? Will there be a next batch?

A: Yes, we have multiple batches of this course, and your kid can attend the next batch if he/she misses the current one.

QWill there be a final presentation?

A: Yes, the final workshop of the course will be where all the participants will present their speech to an audience including their family and invited audiences.

Q: Will my kid get a certificate for this course?

A: Yes, every child who undertakes and completes the workshops will get a certificate at the end of the course.

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