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#WhatIf we Reimagined Education

By Daksh Lahoty

During this whole COVID 19 pandemic, schools have been closed.Yet it is not hindering our education. We are having access to classes online. For some of us, it means logging in daily from our laptops, but, for the majority of the poor population, it is not.

Yes, I am talking about those children who do not have access to mobiles, laptops and even the internet.

Life is like this image for them. If you have read the newspaper recently, you might have come across this distressing news of children claiming their lives due to unavailability of gadgets.

And here is the big

Change is slow, but not impossible.

And who can make these changes?

It’s YOU

Here’s how

● You can donate old mobiles/tablets/laptops instead of throwing them away

● If you don’t have an old gadget you can donate money for the same

● You can partner with NGO’s to help invent new ways for learning from a distance

● You can spread awareness about this issue with a group of like-minded friends

● You can write blogs(like me)to spread awareness worldwide.

We can follow alternative methods too. Some of them:

Trees for students

In this method, gardens can become open schools! Classes could be held in parks and gardens.

Large spaces also ensure social distancing! This is implemented in Tamil Nadu currently

School on Radio

This innovative method can help in villages when one radio, connected to a loudspeaker can provide classes for many children.

Postman Teachers

This can be helpful in rural villages which are inaccessible by radio also. Schools can post learning material to the village and postmen can read it out or explain instructions to parents or children.

About the Author

Hi, I am Daksh and I like writing blogs. My passions are reading, writing and cycling.

I also have a keen interest in Science. Experimenting is my favourite pastime!

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