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Teaching : Our aha moments!

By Leena Uthaiah

Our students have never let us feel, even for a moment that we are on a different platform. No low, depressed or demoralized moment for us.

They made us feel that life must go on with a little change; and students…..well they remain students.

Heated debates in Political Science classes; cameras not working only when we ask them to show us their class work ( home work); or mikes not working when we ask them to answer questions.

Some students stranded in the US of A attending online classes and sitting in the dark just because they do not want to disturb their neighbours (thoughtful).

Their new looks; ‘un’fancy hairstyles and spectacles which they endearingly say is a ‘COVID Times’ souvenir.

The Periodic Assessments, fortunately, had all mikes and cameras in stupendous condition. There were no power cuts (BESCOM – We can’t thank you enough)

The Parent-teacher meetings….students dreaded it in real; students dread it in virtual times too.

Pajama dressing- the new dress code; Ah, we miss those ubiquitous lines, “please tuck your shirt”.

Virtual celebration of Independence Day….never have we longed to go to school more than ever. Students made it happen virtually. Nationalistic feelings can’t be cowed down by any force.

Our new NORMAL!

One thing remains static—We love our students.

WE ARE. Because they are.

About the Author

Leena Uthaiah

So how does a lockdown introduction look like! Well. I teach Social Science to students of grade 9 and 10. We have a lot of debates in Political Science and quizzing on current affairs, both of us being passionate about it. Other than quizzing and debating we also discuss our favorite authors

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