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Teaching, A Learning Journey

By Sriparna Chakraborty

I can happily say that I have fulfilled my father’s dream, hoping that I have become a successful teacher in this life. I start my day with the innocent faces of the budding children in preparatory and end it with an invigorating geography lesson for the eager tenth graders. In my experience as a teacher, I believe in the tagline ‘DND- Discover, Nurture, Develop’. Children to me are like metal. Their talents need to be ‘extracted’, they need to be ‘moulded’ and nurtured, and finally ‘polished’ into responsible citizens of the future. I believe I became the best teacher when I taught my own children.

I have realised in this long journey that everybody needs a space, a space where both a teacher and a child can approach comfortably and build a very good life-long rapport. Fortunately, I am also an artist and a musician, and I have realised that these skills have helped me become an innovative teacher. Eventually I learnt to be updated. The most amazing chapter of my life has been my work with special children. Every time I had to use my creativity to fit into their shoes, as a doctor writes a different prescription for each patient.

Once, I had a script a story and compose a song based on the storyline. I decided to do something out-of-the-box and performed a puppet show, implementing voice modulation. The energy and participation of three-year-old children inspired me to continue in this journey of learning new, innovative teaching techniques. My heart filled with joy when I heard the parents’ responses that the children went back home and became the storytellers with their grandparents as the audience!! It was very funny to me that a boy went back home, wore a saree and a red bindi, and presented himself as ‘Sriparna ma’am’. In a fancy-dress event, a child dressed up as a teacher and ended by saying that her name was ‘Sriparna ma’am’ instead of her own. These incidents helped me realize that teachers were indeed a role-model for their students.

As an art therapist, I have learnt that every day we discover something new within a student. Once in my drawing class, a child drew a window in a closed room, where he is all alone. The course of ‘Art as a Therapeutic Measure (ATM)’ helped me gain an insight to his feelings and his mindset. I helped the child using touch and music therapy, assisting him in coming out of his shell. One of my life’s most enriching experience was participating in the Tata Class Edge Classroom Championship. For this I organised an active learning session based on the topic ‘Climate’.My grade ten students performed a skit, personifying the orographic rainfall by the south-west monsoon winds.

I can’t forget my teachers, because of whom I am a passionate, accomplished one myself. I believe that teachers are very adaptable and in these present circumstances online teaching plays a vital role in all of our lives. Understanding the pulses and reactions of these young flowers were always essential and in today’s world where this has to be done remotely, it has presented a new challenge for us teachers.

I think QShala is easing us into this new regime by conducting webinars and setting up fun and interesting activities. I am confident that in due time, we will become better and finer teachers.

About the Author

Sriparna Chakraborty

I am a passionate teacher and I absolute love working with children and am currently teaching at NPS Rajajinagar. I am immensely passionate about singing and painting, and love to dance, talk and in general, make friends!! I try to help people in every way I can, always trying to give back to the world. I have performed on Doordarshan and on the All India Radio. I have graduated from Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata, specializing in Geography. I aim to make this world a better place!!

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