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School, My Reimagined Way

By Pratham Gaurav Mishra

I’m the council board Leader for today I want to talk about school my reimagined way. Are you ready? Lets GOOOOO!!!!!!

The first thing I want to talk about is school travel. Normally a lot of time is spent on traveling to and from school. I want to reduce that. Also the total number of hours at school cane be between 6 hours max which I think can be easily handled by kids as opposed to 8-9 hours as usually the school starts at 8:15 in the morning and ends 3:45 in the afternoon.

Also, we can have alternate days at school, twice or thrice a week we don’t have to go to school we will be learning in Microsoft teams or Google meet or Zoom or any other platform. Virtual learning is working as we can see in the pandemic situation. This way people who are sick on those days can still attend school without infecting anybody.

All the activities, competitions and group activities can be done on the days we go to school as we will need more interaction and more outdoor activities giving us more eye to eye, face to face contact with our buddies and teachers.

Next, we need to introduce more sports like cricket which needs a lot of stamina and hockey which needs a lot of teamwork and also a bit more indoor sports like chess, carrom, etc. These sports should be accessible to all schools as opposed to a limited number of schools with proper sports infrastructure. I would like to add the minimum amount of playground space for a school playground so we can add all of the above.

Also, I would like to add Drama as a subject. Subjects are a bit more diverse and from the 6th standard onwards, chemistry, physics and biology are different subjects. And all language subjects are divided into language and literature. Virtual Reality methods will be fun and will also help in presentation and explanation of how something works as you can see what happens with the VR goggles you can see what you normally can't see.

Another thing I want to add is the flexibility of the curriculum as a rigid curriculum adds pressure when you fall behind. A flexible curriculum allows for a bit less pressure and also a lot more productiveness. Also, the 4 exams will be reduced to 2 main exams and ongoing assignments and feedback should be considered.

Also, I would like international exchange programs to be introduced to allow students from other countries to experience our way of learning and vice versa. This can be done and agreed upon with school in other friendly countries who will agree for exchange program for 3 months (quarter). I would also allow a minimum standard of cleanliness and also I would make schools go plastic-free and also reuse other materials. Finally, I would like school to be positive and also have a parent feedback booth at the pickup or on the last day of school.

In my re-imagined way of school, I would want my school a bit more kid-friendly while sticking to the basics of education and the foundation of interactive learning and also making school fun for the kids so the kids will be positive about school and not worry about homework. That is it for my school, my re-imagined way.

About the author

I am a fun-loving guy who does drawing and making blueprints and founded a company called P.S.T.N (not real and trademark Pending). I also am a certified coder. BTW I am also good at maths. I am also interested in football and cricket and in car racing and go-carting. I am nice person and like to pull the gun whenever there is controversy-arguments between friends. I always(😊) obeys my parents. I also make highly detailed blueprints for machines and plan to have my own manufacturing company specializing in tanks, aircrafts,jets….HEAVY.

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