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Re-imagined Education!

By Akshara B.

Scores are just a number; it can turn out to be big or small. But, does it have to decide your worth? Every human being has their ups and downs; therefore, this creates a wide loop for mistakes to occur. The pressure put on a child from the tender age of 7-8 till the age of 21-22 just adds up to making the loop for failure / lower grades bigger. This pressure comes from different realms- by your family expectations, school pressure, and the fact that it decides your worth. If children were given the liberty of having a calmer platform to learn, then I believe that the results given by the younger generations will be remarkable. As we are talking about the “worth” of a person, how is it fair if a lesser majority of the earth is not even given a chance to show their “worth”? The status of your birth should not be the reason for the lack of good education. Who knows how many Einsteins are out, who have not had a chance to show themselves to the rest of the world? If these small biases were removed from the world I can assure you that today we would have been at least ten times more developed than we are now.

When we think deeply about our education system today so many questions pop up in our mind like :

What if sports, arts, dance, and music could matter just as much as Maths, English, History, and Physics?

What if we could learn how to ask the right questions instead of only giving the right answers?


Well, if this is implemented it would change a lot for the younger generations. I think that it will bring our world more Einsteins than anyone can imagine, and I honestly can't wait for it!

One change I am certain of for the betterment of our education is, the reduction of pressure on students by not giving them targets in the name of Marks and grades. Many schools squeeze children till they reach their last drop turning their lives to be completely about studies. In the process, they desensitize other values of life.

Today’s generation tends to spend more time on a more interactive platform than in a closed environment with books in front of them. So if children were given a chance to gain knowledge in the way they like, it would certainly show awesome results in the outcome given by students, especially the ones who do not score well !! It also not only increases knowledge but also increases the grasping and observation level of a person.

I feel children should have a life with a mix of everything, studies, fun, independence. And these new adjustments are all that we need!

About the Author

Akshara B studies in Grade 8 in Primus Public School, Bangalore. She is a very enthusiastic, creative and a positive child. A stellar artist, enjoys all forms of drawing / painting . She loves sports and western dancing. Unwinds herself by playing basket ball/football in breaks. She explores various styles on her own and creates moves and painting. Her paintings have been exhibited 2 times and won accolades. She also enjoys reading, listening to music and watching her favorite TV shows. 

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