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Lockdown in the Village : Country roads, take me home

By Dhrithi Chembarpu

Art by Unconference participant Moksh Katyal

It was the 3rd week of March, 2020. My school was closed. My parents took me to my village where my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins live. They thought that they could drop me there and return to Bangalore. But, after two days of our arrival at my village, lockdown was announced due to COVID – 19.

We were stuck in my village!

However, we did not face much of difficulties there. In my village, houses are sparsely scattered. In fact, the nearest house was about 1 km away from our home! We got milk from our cows. Fruits and veggies came from our own farm and backyard. Once in a week, my uncle would go to nearby town to get other essential supplies. My grandmother taught me and my cousin many new things. We prepared different types of Papads by laying them out in the sun and letting them to dry. My cousin and I like Papads a lot, so we consumed a big amount of them. Lucky me!

My father did his office work from there as his company announced work from home. My mother helped with the household work. I got to play a lot with my cousins. In the afternoon, I would sit with my mother and study. At 4’o clock in the evening, the whole family would gather and have some snacks together. Then, my cousins and I would go to play in the garden. Sometimes, my father would take us to the small mountains situated near our house.

By that time, telecasting of Mahabharat and Ramayana serials started in the television. We were inspired by that. We pestered my dad to make bows and arrows for us. Finally, he made some bows and arrows using sticks, twigs and some creepers. After we got the bows and arrows ready, we would act as characters from Mahabharat and Ramayana such as Rama, Arjuna etc.

My mom, grandmother and aunt together would try out some new delicacies. Me and my uncle love food, especially snacks, so we were the ones who demanded the ladies to prepare new delicacies.

During this period, many funny incidents occurred. One of them is as follows: One day, my cousin and I wanted to do something naughty. We went to the store – room and started misplacing things. Then, we saw something that looked like burfis (a kind of Indian sweet) kept on a plate. We ate a tiny bit of those. They tasted awkward and spicy. We left them and came out.

We went and asked my mom, “What are those things that look like burfis kept in the store – room?”.

My mother asked “Why? Did you eat them?”

We said “Well, yes. A tiny bit of them”.

She said, “Those are home – made soap!” and everybody, including us, burst into laughter.

The lockdown sure is for a great memory!

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