• Abhilasha Iyer

Lockdown 2020 : A blessing in disguise

By Samyr Shukla

Art by Aarushi Kharbanda

My life in the 2020 pandemic was like a bad dream in the least sense. Days past by like the monotonous tick of the common wristwatch. Staying cooped up at home surely took all the fun out of my favourite holidays, but it gave birth to a whole other chain of unexpected events at home.

For the first time, I had found myself doing so much arts and crafts at home, creating objects using my mind and researching so much about the clouds.

Did you know that clouds actually feel more cold and wet than soft and fluffy?

And other things that I previously found boring.

I had found out that my mother was a singer extraordinaire and that no matter how much I tried art was just not in my blood. I had begun spending hours and hours together reading books and began exhausting one book in a sitting. Since I couldn't physically buy books, and books were the only thing keeping me occupied for so many hours, I decided to switch to e-books.

The 2020 pandemic made me realise that I was actually more productive when I was left alone with nothing to do.

When the lockdown was first announced, I thought that I would end up whiling away my time mindlessly staring at the television and wasting time on the laptop. But no, my mother was determined that she would not let all this free time go to waste. Together my mom and I had so much fun at home with all that we had that I had actually begun thinking that this pandemic wasn't so bad after all. We made paper boats, built castles with Legos, flew airplanes off our balcony, and even tried Karaoke (she was much better at it than me). Although we did have our share of pandemic boredom and Netflix disorder, it was still apparent that the lockdown would also hold endless fun.

I thought that it really couldn't get any better than this but after a while even dad chimed in. We both spent so much time together that I was actually enjoying it. We both built Pepsi Can robots, model ships and were talking for hours, together. For the first time, I learnt that he used to work in his uncle's puncture shop and then taught children aeromodelling for two years.

Lockdown in the pandemic sure was ultimate time for family togetherness. The pandemic had brought out so many unknown qualities in me and had made me face a whole new set of challenges.

I actually feel now that the Corona Virus pandemic was not sent as a curse, but as a messenger to tell people to slow down, take a break and rethink present lifestyle.

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