DH Fun Quiz Finale - Show Time !

The Grand Finale of the Deccan Herald Fun Quiz, presented by Deeksha, was held on 5th September 2020. It showcased the talents of the 10 finalists apart from their quizzing skills as well. Here are the champions:

First Place: Dhyan Vyas, National Public School Indiranagar

Second Place: Satvik RK, Sri Kumaran Children's Home

Third Place: Sudeepthi Ramesh, Sri Aurobindo Memorial School The top 3 winners walked away with cash prizes worth Rs. 25,000, Rs.15,000 and Rs. 5000 each. All the 10 finalists were also awarded a *scholarship by Deeksha. (*T&C Apply)

We began the Grand Finale with a tribute to the teachers:

Ans. Guru

Samsung Phone Model

Guru – Jupiter

Gurukiran - Music Composer


Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Dutt

Guru - Bollywood Film

The potpourri, connect and visual-based questions tested the abilities of the finalists to connect the dots and figure out the answers!

Q. In Japan’s Tokorozawa city, officials are using a new method of advertising by painting on a certain object. This practice was started to make the idea of the public hygiene system more agreeable to the sceptical rural population.

This made walking on the sidewalk more enjoyable as well as safe as the paint glows in the dark.

What unusual circular advertising space is this?

Ans. Pothole Covers

Q. Noted historian Ramachandra Guha chose this rare photograph of a famous personality playing cricket with his nephews in Mysore, as the cover image of one of his books on cricket.

Identify the ‘English Teacher’ being discussed here.

Ans. RK Narayan

Q. Connect

Ans. Villains








The List It round had all the drama of a Bollywood movie with moments of suspense, joy and regret. The finalists had to race against the time and choose 6 correct answers from a grid of 9 options. One incorrect answer was enough to bring them back to square one.

Try it out yourself!

The Kahoot round was conducted by well-known comedian Danish Sait, who helped steady the nerves of the finalists with his light heart humour and anecdotes.

You can attempt the Kahoot here. Want to witness the highlights of the finals?

Grab some popcorn and check it out here!

You can even witness the entire Grand Finale here.

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