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Deccan Herald Fun Quiz- Preliminary Round 2

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

By Vaishnavi Rao

After a successful round 1 which has over 5000 registered participants, we are back with another DH Fun Quiz Round 2. The second preliminary was conducted on 29th August 2020.

The best of two preliminary rounds shall be considered to shortlist the ten 10 winners.

The finals will be conducted on Zoom on 5th September 2020, Saturday, from 6pm to 7:30 pm, with celebrity quizmaster Danish Sait.

So get your scoreboard ready. Let's see how many you of you can ace this!

Q.1. Identify the military hero portrayed here. (Two words - 3, 9)

Ans. Sam Manekshaw

Q.2. The myth goes that both gods and demons were in search of immortality while churning the sea. In tribute, an event is held four times over twelve years. 

Name this event, the biggest of its kind. (Two words -5, 4)

Ans. Kumbh Mela

Q.3. Founded in 1883 Bombay, this blend of aromatic herbs and essential oils was meant to relieve cold symptoms. 

Which 'elixir', that uses up to 10 ayurvedic herbs, is being talked about? (10 Letters)

Ans. Amrutanjan

Q.4. This four-armed symbol that refers to the sun, has its origins in Sanskrit. Typically used to bring upon good luck, it was considered for the Indian national flag. 

Which symbol, once used by a 20th-century political party, is being talked about? (8 letters)

Ans. Swastika

Q.5. Around the world in 24 volumes.

Reporter by profession, a part-time hero. 

Almost a decade before Clark Kent. A drunk partner and a fox-terrier, his hair is always on point.

Who are we talking about? (6 letters)

Ans. Tintin

Q.6. In Karnataka, you could say this to your friend or your lad. In 2016 America, this was also a fad. 

What is this acronym, that you’d see on a t-shirt or a red cap? (4 Letters)


Q.7. Connect (7 Letters)

Ans. Pranesh 

Gangavathi – He hails from Gangavathi, Karnataka.

His caricature. 

He was inspired by Rayasam Bheemasena Rao aka Beechi.

Thale Harte Podcast featuring him. 

Q.8. Shown here is the logo of a volunteer-based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people.

Which fictional character is it named after? (Two words – 5, 4)

Ans. Robin Hood

Q.9. One can find frequent references to an incredibly popular game throughout Japanese history. 

When translated from Japanese, “ken” means fist games, “san” meaning three-way and “sukumi” being deadlock.

Which game, usually played to make small decisions, are we talking about? (Three Words- 4, 5, 8)

Ans. Rock – Paper - Scissors

Q.10. Seen on this cover of ACK is ______, a demi-god.

He is depicted with a plump body, adorned with jewels, and carrying a money-pot and a club.

Which mythological character, who is said to be the king of Lanka before Ravana, are we talking about? (6 Letters)

Ans. Kubera

Q.11. What sport do you have to play to win this trophy? (4 Letters)

Ans. Golf 

Q.12. Shown here is a cross-section of which ‘out of this world’ chocolate bar? (4 Letters)

Ans. Mars

Q.13. How do the initials of a 10th-century Danish king in ancient runic alphabet contribute to the world of modern technology? (9 Letters)

Ans. Bluetooth

Q.14. This is the logo of a tech giant from a city on the west coast of the US. The founders wanted to pay tribute to an iconic structure that connected their city to Marin County. 

Which company, popular today for their video conferencing app, are we talking about? (5 Letters)

Ans. Cisco

Q.15. Originally started in the world of blackjack, a 4-word phrase was popularised by a video game.

If you won a hand which was $2, then you’d get a three-piece chicken meal that costed $1.72. 

Which battle royale-style game are we talking about? (4 Letters)

Ans. PUBG 

Q.16. Connect (Two words -7, 7)

Ans. Michael Jackson Google Doodle in his honour.

His iconic jacket. 

Dangerous – his album.

His childhood photo. 

Q.17. It is said that en-route to Sri Lanka, King Rama and his army had crossed Hampi, when Jambuvantha, a mythical animal, joined the army. A sanctuary in Bellary is home to the same animal. Which one? (Two words-5, 4)  

Ans. Sloth Bear

Q.18. Remember that sunny afternoon on a sidewalk? 

We have all drawn a few squares with a chalk. 

Balance your way through the numbers, pass on the pebble if you stumble!

Which game is being described? (9 Letters)

Ans. Hopscotch

Q.19. Connect (4 Letters)

Ans. Auto

Companies that manufacture autos.

Etymology of the word – it means self in Greek.

Rajnikant’s Baasha and Shankar Nag’s Auto Raja – iconic movies about auto. Colours associated with autos in India.  

Q.20. This gold medal-winning Olympian was a member of the Indian army. As his duties kept him occupied during the day, he practised at night. Thus, earning him the nickname '_____'.

Which ‘focused’ player, born 29th August, are we talking about? (Two Words-5, 5)

Ans. Dhyan Chand

Q.21. This is the largest and oldest organization of its kind founded in 1946.

It has the inventor of the modern-day mobile phone, creator of Minecraft, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, as its members, among others.

Name this organization that has a piece of furniture in its logo.  (5 Letters) 

Ans. Mensa

Q.22. Which country that shares its name with a clothing item does this flag belong to? (7 Letters) 

Ans. Bermuda

Q.23. Playing this game was frowned upon by a religious institution in the year 1125. If caught, the members would face severe consequences. 

To counter this, a priest created a compact version of the game to easily hide it in books.

Which game, that has a lot of black and white but makes you think about the grey areas, is this innovation associated with? (5 letters)

Ans. Chess

Q.24. A ready to eat snacks brand started by a woman of Indian origin shares its name with the carriage shown here. 

What one word often used in Kannada to express shock or surprise, is also used to carry the idol during the Mysuru Dasara celebrations?  (6 letters) 

Ans. Howdah 

Q.25. Connect to a family (7 Letters) 

Ans. Weasley

Now that was some brain racking round, wasn't it? If you want to level up the challenge, join us for the Final Round of the Quiz on 5th September by registering here

There are exciting audience prizes as well!

Psst... need more practice for the finals? Here are more practice questions from Round 1 here

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