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Deccan Herald Fun Quiz - Prelim Round 1

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

By Vaishnavi Rao

The DH Fun Quiz, curated by QShala, is an interesting stress buster for kids which will help them unwind, improve their knowledge amidst online classes and virtual assignments. The quiz is targeted at students of class 8, 9, & 10 pass out from Karnataka.

The finals will be held on 5th September with Celebrity Quiz Master Danish Sait! Here are the prizes, to be won: 1st prize winner - Rs. 25,000 2nd prize winner - Rs. 15,000 3rd prize winner - Rs. 5000 Top 10 finalists will be awarded a *scholarship by Deeksha. (*T&C Apply) Participation certificates shall be mailed to all participants.

Here is a glimpse into the first preliminary round was conducted on 22nd August 2020. So put on your thinking caps, grab a pencil and a notebook and get ready for a round of quizzing that's going to pick your brains! Psst..keep tab of your scores as you play along! Let's see how many you score correctly!

Q.1. Connect (6 Letters)

Ans. Ganesh


Eka Dantha in Hindi

Actor Ganesh – Golden Star

Mahabharata was written by Lord Ganesh, while Ved Vyasa narrated it.

Lord Ganesh appears on the currency note of Indonesia.

Freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak popularised the festival.

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya

Q.2. Pictured is the flag of a Nordic country, the white is a reference to the snow, the blue in tribute to the Atlantic Ocean. What ‘eruptive release’ is the red in tribute? (4 Letters)

Ans. Lava

Q.3. Two of the three major transportation hubs, among other things in a particular metro city, is named after the same feudal chieftain.

Which 16th century founder who shares his name with this movie is being talked about? (10 Letters)

Ans. Kempegowda

Q.4. In 2010, this pen was launched in tribute to a ‘note-able’ figure from Indian history that featured the number 241.

241 is a reference to the distance of a 1930 journey of roughly 280 kilometres.

What journey is the series number of the pen a tribute to? (Two words – 5,5)

Ans. Dandi March

Q.5. Connect (5 Letters)

Ans. Dhoni

Clockwise: Power of 7 – Fragrance brand by Dhoni

Jharkhand means Land of Forest

He was once a brand ambassador of Mysore Sandal Soap

He previously worked with the Indian Railways

IPL Team – Chennai Super Kings

Helicopter Shot

Q.6. The name of this entity comes from a certain behaviour exhibited by its users. While choosing ____, you spot the ones you identify sooner.

This Swedish app is said to have got its name when one of the founders misheard its name.

Which ‘record’-breaking app are we talking about? (7 Letters)

Ans. Spotify

Q.7. This structure, within the Vittala temple complex, is a shrine dedicated to a mythological character.

He shares his name with the national airline carrier of a South-east Asian country.

Name this ‘vehicle’. (6 Letters)

Ans. Garuda

Q.8. This cricketer who played domestic cricket for Karnataka also had a stint in the Women’s Big Bash League.

Her teammates on this team gave her a nickname that indicates that she might have moved to the dark side.

What nickname from an out of this world film-franchise was given to the person shown here? (Two words - 5, 5)

Ans. Darth Vader

Q.9. Connect (Two words - 6,5)

Ans. Eiffel Tower


Paris Olympics 2024 logo design featuring the Eiffel Tower. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - the architect of Eiffel Tower. Kalki Koechlin's great grandfather was the chief engineer of the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower was inspired by Femur or the thighbone.

Q.10. A one letter modification to the name of an Indian cab aggregator will give you the first name of the manager pictured, or a crowd chant heard during the second sport.

What 3 letters are we looking for?

Ans. Ole, Ole Gunnar Solskjær

Q.11*. A certain product, often weaponised is named after the biological reaction it causes.

It is made from a group of chemicals that irritate the skin, mucous membranes and cause symptoms like pain, coughing and incontrollable shutting of eyelids. These effects can be so overwhelmingly debilitating that people run away.

Which product are we talking about? (Two words - 4, 3)

Ans. Tear Gas

Q.12*. One who tramped around the room with no sound and no song. One who courted a noble woman from Hong Kong. One who shined bright, in the City and Limelight. Brought joy to The Kid in us all.

Who are we talking about? (Two words - 7, 7)

Ans. Charlie Chaplin

Q.13*. A 2004 movie franchise is about teamwork which is also reflected in a clever pun. ​

In this movie, the name of a particular place is pronounced by the AI system as ‘Noh-mah-nisan’. ​

Which geographical entity is the AI referring to?​

Ans. Island, No Man is an Island by John Donne.

Q.14*. Today this story from Greek mythology/history is used as a metaphor for any tactic where a target is tricked into letting the foe into a safe and secure place.

What two-word ‘equine’ term that features the region pictured is being talked about? (2 words - 6, 5)

Ans. Trojan Horse

Q.15*. Connect (7 letters)

Ans. Hashtag #


Twitter wishing Hashtag

Trends of Hashtag

Pound – the other name of the symbol

Popular Hashtags

Creator of Hashtag Chris Messina

Q.16. If Gyros is Greek for turn/ rotation, and Doner is its respective term in Arabic.​

What is the Turkish equivalent that is more commonly used in India?​ (8 Letters)

Ans. Shawarma

Q.17. This series of young adult novels turned into a four-film franchise takes its title from the fact that people of districts in this universe must compete in order to avoid starving.

Which series, a prequel to which was released in 2020, are we talking about? (Two words - 6, 5)

Ans. Hunger Games

Q.18. Some worthy comparisons to this desi internet trend can be that of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and Pikachu from Pokemon.

It’s a very flexible term and the answer to any question can be _____.

What are we talking about? (5 letters)

Ans. Binod

Q.19. This is an advertisement by The Global Mail newspaper about eradicating what? (3 Letters)

Ans. HIV

Q.20. This in-the-news singer has voiced several Kannada actors.

In 2020, he even came up with a song to spread awareness about corona virus.

What 3-letter acronym is he known by?

Ans. SPB

Q.21. Shown here is a comic that aims to educate and sensitise young travellers about the nuances of air travel. It was created by which ‘limitless’ airline? (7 Letters)

Ans. Vistara

Q.22. As researchers at IISc are looking at moon as a habitable option, they use a mixture of moon soil and this to create ‘space bricks’.

One of them added, ‘It is really exciting because it brings two different fields — biology and mechanical engineering — together.’

Since everything in space is a resource, which unusual form of nitrogen are we talking about?

(5 Letters)

Ans. Urine

Q.23. Shown here is a martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It has even granted a special protected status as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It was portrayed in which animated movie? (3 Letters)

Ans. Rio

Q.24. Every year, an Indian Consumer Giant brings out a short book that collates all of their big ideas and insights into one handy shareable package.

It is shares its name with which phenomenon that gets copied and spreads rapidly over the internet. (5 Letters)

Ans. Memes

Q.25. Connect (6 Letters)

Ans. Deccan

Clockwise :

Deccan Chargers IPL Team

Deccan Herald

Deccan means south

Air Deccan

Deccan Plateau

Phew! That was quite a brain teaser, wasn't it? What's your score? Share it in the comments below! Are you geared up for Round 2?

So register for the DH Fun Quiz here! The second preliminary round is on 29 August 2020.

We'll see you there!

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