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COVID-19, the Invisible Teacher

By Dhruv Vyas

Many of you have wished your teachers but have you remembered to wish the everyday and eternal teachers? Everything you see in life is a teacher,some eternal,some situational. Life itself is an eternal teacher,it will never stop teaching you.

All your experiences,they are just a few of the infinite lessons life has to offer.These invisible and visible `teachers’ can be found anywhere, in the form of anything, light or dark, good or bad, peaceful or chaotic.

This pandemic is also a lesson. COVID-19 itself, is a teacher.

It teaches us the ability,value and quality of patience, the patience you have to read this, it arrived due to this chaotic but knowledgeable time, to some. This pandemic has given us patience.

Our ancestors actions serve as teachings for us,telling us how they could have avoided their actions and warns us about the consequences of their actions. Our actions also serve as teachers for others.

Many of us don’t feel like accepting own actions,but,to get better in life and assimilate more knowledge so one must accept his or her mistakes.

Like this,everything in life has positive impacts on us only if we look at it in a positive manner if see it from an angle from where we can see its positive impacts.

About the Author

 Dhruv Vyas, from Somani Foundation School Mumbai, takes keen interest in matters of both marine biology and entrepreneurship. He enjoys quizzing and has shared his thoughts on 7 Effective Characteristics of Being an Entrepreneur.

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