Best out of Waste : Craft by Mohin Roy

Mohin Roy, winner of enjoys creating best out of waste. Enjoy these quirky items he has prepared with materials from his pencil box to the Puja Room! His items show his joy in creativity!

A Gentleman's Coat

Materials Used : Chart paper, pencil shavings

Pots of Treasure

Materials Used : curd pots, waste elastic, confetti, embroidered lace

Brightness of the Sun

Materials Used : CD, craft paper, wool string

Bottles of Joy

Materials Used : plastic bottles, string, craft paper, discarded lace

Easter Eggs

Materials Used : stone, paint, wool string, chart paper

Unconference 2020

With COVID bringing online classes home, the perks of Annual Day (missing those classes for "dance practice" got left behind. At QShala, we brought school and fun home with

Unconference 2.0, a virtual online fest. With art and literary competitions, games, learning sessions and panel discussions with experts, QShala Unconference saw a participation of over 1lakh children helping them Unmute. Unwind and Unclock

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