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Behind The Scenes : 5 Film Makers that changed the way we watch films

By Preetha Mani

Cinema is a dreamland we visit very often to escape reality. The ticket to heaven, perhaps. Be it the songs sequences, comedy scenes, fashion trends, we all have a favourite that set standards for our dreams. It is also a combination of theatre, art, and storytelling. It takes more than just the cast to make a film. There are directors, editors, sound engineers, designers, makeup artists and a huge crew of lightmen who are needed to make a dream come into a picture. Films have been around for over a hundred years now and here is a peek into 5 makers of the most loved films in no particular order.

Walt Disney

Image Source : The Man and Voice of Mickey Mouse : Walt Disney

The one director loved by all children and adults alike is Walt Disney. He took the age-old tales and brought them life by animating them. The characters from his movies have a special place in our memories. But this was not without experiencing his share of failures. He had a hard hit of bankruptcy, a mental breakdown, and the loss of control over his creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

It is worth noting that Walt wanted his imagination to come to life and hence conceptualised Disney World on October 1, 1971, a theme park built around the fantasy world of Walt Disney’s movies.

Image Source

Did you know?

Before becoming an entrepreneur, writer, animator, and film producer, Walt Disney and his brother Roy used to wake up at 4.30am every morning to deliver newspapers before school and would deliver newspapers post school till supper time

Here is a short behind a glimpse of Walt Disney explaining behind the scene look of the Carousel of Progress at the Disney World.

Christopher Nolan

Image Source

If you have ever imagined what outer space looks like, or imagined a dream inside a dream, or the craziest comic book villain of all time, it is probably a frame from one of Christopher Nolan’s movies. The British - American writer, director, and producer, Nolan has gifted the world of Cinema with movies that have a cult following such as Interstellar, Inception, The Batman Trilogy, to name a few. But his blockbuster movies did not come to be with an easy ride. For his first blockbuster Memento, he could not find the distributors to purchase the rights of the film and was heavily devastated. Memento eventually was distributed in America by Newmarket Films, which set up its distribution arm. The film went on to earn almost $40 million from a budget of $5 million. He is an inspiration for not stopping to achieve his dreams at nothing.

Did you know?

This gem of a director is that he is red and green colourblind.

Wonder what the linear life of a director obsessed with non-linear storytelling looks like?

Take a look.

S. Shankar

Image Source

S. Shankar is the visionary that Indian Cinema has produced. His movies have a Hollywood class storytelling and execution, that is being shot on the streets of India.

His first movie Gentleman won the Filmfare Best Director Award and the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Director. Two of his films, Indian (1996) and Jeans (1998), were the official submissions for the Oscars in their respective years from India. He is best known for his blockbuster movie that made every child dream of pursuing robotics, Enthiran with the superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role.

A nostalgic shot, that wasn’t just shot

This is how robots are made (in movies) :p

Satyajit Ray

Image Source

A professional who astarted out as an illustrator hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata, Satyajit Ray is one of the world’s finest creators who has inspired several international Filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, James Ivory, François Truffaut to name a few.

Losing his father at the mere age of 3, Ray stopped at nothing and brought Indian cinema on the world map, winning the Bharat Ratna and an Oscar award for his contribution to Cinema. Imagine how Wes Anderson or Martin Scorses shoot their films and imagine this a 70 years ago, that is what made Mr Ray’s work legendary. He is beyond a filmmaker, children’s book illustrator, producer or an author. The last time we saw someone that madly creative, we were mind blown. Do check out his work for inspiration to ooze out of your minds as other living legends have.

Watch his mastery storytelling and the art of filmmaking in "Two”, a short film by Satyajit Ray

Wes Anderson

Image Source

Eccentricity and distinctive visual and narrative styles are the two works that are most used while describing a Wes Anderson movie. What you should know beyond about this famous and unique filmmaker is that this man loves colours and that is obvious in all his movies. Each frame is set to elevate how the colours complement each other, making your eyes wander to all corners of the frame. His movies’ screenplay, editing, music and production design have their personality which makes him stand out among his peers.

Did you know?

Wes Anderson wanted to be an architect when he was young, and oh, how it shows!

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