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Anaika's Travelogue : Australia

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Anaika at Bay of Fires

My family and I traveled to Australia last April. We took a flight from Brisbane to Tasmania. Tasmania is a small island state below the main land of Australia. We rented a car in Hobart and took a beautiful drive through the lovely green land to enjoy the nature and flora/fauna over the next ten days. 

Day One : We explored Hobart and a nearby apple farm and enjoyed some great pies it had to offer.

Day Two : We realized there are more sheep and cows than human beings. We visited the Port Arthur which is an old convict settlement under the British, now converted to a UNESCO World heritage site. We could see the ruins of the prison. It is naturally surrounded by cold waters, so there was no way that the prisoners could try to escape from the harsh punishment. We also saw the island of death-a small island in the cold sea where all the dead prisoners bodies were thrown.

At Port Arthur

Day Three : We went to Tasman peninsula. We saw some natural formations carved by the sea waves like remarkable cave, Tasman arch, tessellated pavement.

Tasman Arch Remarkable Cave Tesselated Pavement

Day Four : We went for a cruise at the Bruni Island where we saw the white eagle on top of a cliff, we also saw seals,penguins and dolphins.

Day Five : We took a long drive to Bicheno, where we saw penguins near the residential area close to the coast at night. We also had the best view of the night sky ever, we could see a part of the milky way. 

Day Six : We went to the Bay of fires- they are orange coloured rocky beach, due to growth of a kind of a lichen covering the rocks. We also visited Pyengana farm- where the cows have a tag and there is an automated milking process, without any human intervention. The cows were trained to walk towards the milking robot, if the tag records that the cow was milked in last 4-5 hours, it would direct the cows toward the feeding area. This was the 1st time I saw anything like that!! And the variety of cheeses were to die for, so were the fresh scones!!

Day Seven : We drove to another iconic location called the Wineglass Bay. It is a beautiful beach, but already the trek to see if from a height was tiring, so we could not climb down to the beach that involved another long walk. 

Day Eight and Nine : We visited a national park near the Cradle mountain with the beautiful lakes around it. Best part was we visited the Tasmanian devils conservation area and also saw some wombats in the wild! Did you know that the poo of the wombat looks like marshmallow?!!

Tasmanian Devil Wombat Echidna

Day Ten : We visited Launceston and the conservation area for platypus and echidna before we left for India!!

About the author :

Anaika Dominic from Bangalore studies in Grade 4. This lockdown, she has camped on her terrace with her family, tried her hands at baking with her mother and also enjoys watching TV Shows. FRIENDS is her favourite!

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