• Preksha

A Message about Zoom

Dear QShala family,

We understand your apprehensions about Zoom and its privacy concerns. Please note the various steps we are taking to keep you safe.

For our Zoom sessions, all the guidelines given by the Home Ministry while using Zoom have been incorporated and followed. This is what we are doing to ensure that the sessions conducted are completely secure: 1. All session links will require the participants to enter a password to join the meeting. 2. For all our classes, waiting rooms will be enabled and students can join only if they have registered for the program. 3. Participants can join the meeting only after the QShala Facilitator (host) starts the meeting. 4. The participants removed by the host will not be allowed to rejoin on the call. 5. Entry to the call will be restricted once all registered students have joined the call 6. Features like screen sharing, file transfer and recording are enabled only for the host.

We take your safety seriously.

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