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5 Famous Bands and their inspiring journeys

Updated: Nov 8

By Preetha Mani

The world without music would be a quiet scary place (pun intended).Musicians have saved the world from that disaster and transformed reality to a place only the soul can EnRoute to.

Here are the famous 5 musical bands, and their not-so-known journeys.


Image Source : The South Korean band whose name means "Bulletproof Boy Scouts"

Embarking into their music careers on the 12th of June 2013, BTS is one of the K-pop Bands that have set trends and broken records on an international level. Their Army, what BTS fans call themselves, probably would know their songs like the back of their hand, but here is what they might have not known. What initially was a duo of RM and Iron in 2010, was transitioned into a group 7 by 2013. Their last song on the school- trilogy, ‘Skool Luv Affair', the then number three on Billboard's World Album Chart, rose them to fame. Although their 'Highlight Tour' in the USA was a disaster due to disorganization, their Army commended the disrespect and stood by their side. Ever since the boy band has risen like a Phoenix. Their most recent song, “Dynamite” currently holds the title for the biggest Spotify Debut of 2020 with registered 7.778 million streams on its debut day, surpassing Taylor Swift's previous record of 7.7742 million streams for “Cardigan”. Here's their latest, record breaking Dynamite

The Beatles

Image Source : The Fab Four that changed the scene of the American rock music

The Beatles to this day is considered the most successful band with 183 million units, although they only had a short run playing between 1960-1970.

The band was formerly called the Quarrymen or the Silver Beatles, by name Fab Four. The English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The September of 1962 marked history for The Beatles with their first hit Love Me Do, which charted in the UK, and reached the top of the US singles chart.

If you are a true blue Beatles fan we already know which one you're humming! Go back in time with this classic Hey Jude

Did you know?

There is an Ashram named after the Beatles located in northern Rishikesh. The ashram gained international recognition during 1968 when the English rock band the Beatles studied meditation there. The band were the most productive during their career while at the Ashram.

Image Source

The Local Train

Image Source

This Hindi band from Delhi is one among the few bands that have gained commercial success and gained a cult following in India since their inception. The musicians only met a few years ago in Chandigarh, where they decided to jam. Eventually, one thing led to another and the dream band was formed. Bollywood music was a heavy influence on the musicians in their initial days until they discovered the magic of rock.

They truly touched the hearts of their fans with Choo Lo


Image Source : The British Rock band previously called themselves Starfish

Coldplay started performing at London in 1996 and instantly blew up as a major rock band in Britain. The world was only a few listens away. The band has stayed relevant and produced music that people of different generations have fallen in love with.

The name of the band from a book of poems named Child's Reflections, Cold Play written by Philip Horky. It was Tim Crompton, a buddy of Chris who penned the name for the band.

Even for the uninitiated, Paradise, is a signature Coldplay song. Give this soothing tune a listen


Image Source: American Pop Punk Band Green Day

Founded at the heart of music learning, Berkeley, Greenday is a punk rock back that has made many heads bang since 1987. The 14-year-old Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals) and Mike Dirnt formed their first band, Sweet Children, in Rodeo, California. In 1989, the group had added drummer Al Sobrante and renamed themselves as Green Day. They set the souls of teens all around the globe on fire with their emo-alternative rock rhythms.

Did you know?

The seven-minute saga ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, was written in memory of Billie Joe’s father, who died of cancer in September 1982, when the singer was just 10 years old.

Here's from Greenday and us hoping that wherever you are, you have the time of your life

These were just a handful of bands from the world of music across its genres! If you too have a song to sing that will strike a chord with the audiences, don't fret about missing out going on a live stage.

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