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QShala is an online curiosity platform designed to foster life-skills & curiosity in children!

With our Quriosity curriculum, help your child develop critical thinking, improve communication skills, and enhance their ability to learn.

QShala is your one-stop-shop for all the skills you wish you were taught at school!

Join us on this Quest for Quriosity!

*Limited spots only!

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What are these

essential skills? 

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, these are the skills that are going to drive the success of world leaders and professionals alike:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation

  • Active learning and learning strategies

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Technology design and programming

  • Critical thinking and analysis

  • Complex problem-solving

  • Leadership and social influence

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

  • Systems analysis and evaluation

Record-holding team impacting thousands of children across India.

Help your child develop these essential skills that are vital for success in

today's world.

Understand complex concepts

better by learning how to learn.

Complex concepts become simpler through better-structured learning approaches that focus on a strong understanding of the fundamentals.

Boost confidence and self-motivation

with improved emotional intelligence.

Supportive and encouraging environments help

build vital personality traits through a better

understanding of emotional intelligence.

Become more socially interactive

and a better team player.

Improved collaborative and social skills through frequent participation in team activities, and exposure to meeting

new children of the same age.

Make better decisions with

improved critical thinking.

Approaching decision making through critical

thinking and relying on fact-driven reasoning

to help understand all outcomes more clearly.

Communicate and articulate 

thoughts more effectively.

Improved communication skills to help articulate

thoughts more clearly in conversations, debates,

and most importantly, in answering questions.

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Tailor-made programs for each age group

Each program focuses on specific skills that are important in the development phase of your child

Grades 1-3

Public Speaking 1

Public Speaking 2

Life Lessons From Comic Books

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Grades 4-10

Personal Skills

Career Skills

Public Speaking

Technology Skills

Quizzing Pro

World Of Fantasy

Citizen Skills

Literary Skills

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You are reducing the importance of facts. In the age of Google, how you combine facts and form conclusions is key. You are preparing my child for the future.

Mr Karthik Mahadevan
Parent of Govind Karthik
 National Public School, Koramangala


Delhi Public School
Trinity International School, Mumbai
Kaveri International School, Pune

Make your child ready for success

In a world where things are changing rapidly, and curiosity is a super-power, QShala is empowering your child to create a career of their choice.

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